Morzine a wonderful resort with unmissable Après-Ski

Ski lift in Morzine Ski Resort

Conveniently reached by budget airlines and Geneva airport transfers, Morzine features a laid-back atmosphere and a world-class après-ski.

If you’re planning on taking a ski holiday the most affordable and convenient flights land at Geneva, airport transfers are readily available to take you to one of the many popular ski resorts nearby. If the après-ski scene is one of the big factors leading you to take up skiing for the first time (or come back again), Morzine a wonderful resort with unmissable Après-Ski is a resort that should not be overlooked.

Well established resort with a respectable reputation

The Morzine resort has been open since before the First World War; at first, it failed to distinguish itself from the region’s other all-round winter sports resorts, but from the mid-1920s onwards, it began to establish its reputation as a noteworthy holiday destination for locals and foreign visitors alike.

The well-known Grand Hotel, with its luxurious facilities such as a fine dining room and then-futuristic central heating, began to attract wealthy guests. Visitors would arrive for the winter and enjoy their days skiing on the snowed-over pastures of Pleney and ice-skating on the gorgeous frozen lake.

Despite a small blip during the Second World War, Morzine has continued to grow ever since, and nowadays it is a lively and diverse ski resort popular with solo skiers, couples, friends and families.

Plenty of Après-Ski opportunities around

Even from the first day of your holiday, you may be surprisingly busy once you’re dropped off by your Geneva airport transfer service. You can enjoy full days on the pistes and exhaust yourself with plenty of skiing and other activities. And then, you may ask yourself, what should I do until dinnertime? Worry not, as après-ski is alive and well in Morzine! The prices are reasonable, the nightlife exciting, and the resort itself is easily navigated – even after a couple of glasses of your drink of choice.

Enjoy the drinking…

If you want to focus on conversing with those keeping you company and delighting in the quality of the beverages you consume, The Wine Bar, within the Chaudanne restaurant, is most definitely worth a visit. It is a smart-looking establishment, offering numerous varieties of wine and a tasty tapas menu served by friendly staff.

On the other hand, you might be after somewhere to have a decent beer where you can also watch the match of the day; after all, being on holiday doesn’t mean not keeping up with the football! In that case, you should head over to The Dixie Bar. As Morzine’s best Irish pub, it offers a good selection of well-known and loved beers, as well as regularly showing football on the big screens.

…And the entertainment

Watching the football is all well and good, but you could do that from your hotel room. So, if you’re after something a bit livelier (or simply different from a Saturday night at home), head over to Café Chaud, which, even though it starts the evening as a simple bar and restaurant, transforms into an excellent music venue later on.

For live music and talented DJs, you should also pay Le Garage a visit. If you check the venue’s schedule, you’re sure to find at least a couple of bands playing to suit your musical preferences. Finally, L’Opera Discoteque, with its cages set above the dance floor for guests, and Le Paradis, are two other clubs to keep in mind.

After all the fun, you’ll no doubt be back soon!

Morzine is a resort that can quite unexpectedly become a favourite spot to visit during ski season. With its top-notch accommodation, and its diverse Après-ski activities on offer, it has become increasingly popular with seasoned skiers. Why not make it your regular ski destination too?