Welsh culture customs and etiquette

Welsh culture, customs and etiquette

The Welsh are very friendly people but like any country, there are things which must be respected by visitors.

Referring to Welsh people as English is incorrect and will cause annoyance. The geopolitical ties between England and Wales are strong, though some light-hearted anti-English sentiment is common, particularly in the patriotic North West of the country.

Furthermore, in the North West, there are high levels of support for independence, which isn’t shared by the mainly Anglicised Southern and Eastern areas. If you want to avoid getting into a long and pointless debate, it is best to steer clear of this topic.

‘Sheep shagging’ doesn’t happen in Wales, any more than across the border. Taunts of ‘sheep shagger’ are taken to be extremely offensive, and those taunting may find themselves in serious difficulties.

The term ‘Taffy’ is a slur and may be considered offensive. Besides, the relationship between England and Wales is long, complex and sometimes controversial. Despite this, English people in Wales are unlikely to face any issues if they approach their visit in the correct spirit.

Gay and Lesbian travellers in Wales

Wales is much like the rest of the UK in regards to attitudes towards homosexuality. Displays of homosexuality aren’t common due to the rural nature of most of the country, although outward displays of same-sex affection are unlikely to cause a problem.

The only exception to this is in the more working-class parts of larger towns and cities where discretion is advised. Recent polls showed that Wales was the most accepting country in the UK with regards to LGBT rights.