Malawi is a small scenic country in southeastern Africa. The country is a long and thin being 520 miles long and approx 100 miles wide. The country takes its name from the Malawi, or Maravi Kingdom, which was established by local people during the 1500s. Once the British protectorate of Nyasaland, it became an independent country in 1964.

Lake Malawi is an irresistible attraction for travellers, with its beaches and resorts, equally popular, is Nkhata Bay to the north with its beaches and various water activities.

The country is also blessed with numerous game reserves and national parks, which have plenty of animals to view and a renowned variety of birdlife.

Know before you go

CAPITAL: Lilongwe

LANGUAGE: Chichewa and English


To power any electrical item an international adapter or a three pin plug is required

POPULATION: 19,129 million




Malawi Climate

The lowlands in the Shire Valley and along Lake Malawi have a hot, humid, tropical climate. The temperature in this area averages from 74 to 78°F (23 to 26°C).

The plateaus are much cooler. They average about 58°F (14°C) in higher areas and about 65°F (18°C) in lower areas.

Travel Warning

Most visits to the country are trouble-free, but you should take sensible precautions to protect yourself from muggers and bag-snatchers. Most thefts from visitors take place around the main bus stations in Lilongwe and Blantyre. Avoid walking around quiet areas, especially after dark.

Be cautious if over-friendly people approach you offering to act as guides or selling goods, or who claim to know you and ask for a lift.

Don’t accept food or drink from strangers; people have been robbed after eating drugged food.

Although there’s no recent history of terrorism, attacks can’t be ruled out.

Information provided by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office in the UK

Things to do in Malawi

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