Libya Country Dialling Codes

Libya country dialling codes

If you are currently travelling abroad and wish to call home or intend on making international telephone calls to Libya, follow our simple step-by-step guide on how to make calls to Libya from outside of the country:

Country Code: Begin by dialling the international dialling code to exit your country and enter the international calling network. The international dialling code for most countries is “00” or “+”. You can also use the country-specific international access code if it differs from “00” or “+”.

Libya Country Code: After the international dialling code, you’ll need to enter the country code for Libya, which is “+218”.

Area Code: Depending on where in Libya you’re calling, you may need to include an area or city code.

Local Number: After entering the country and area code (if applicable), dial the local phone number of the person or business you want to reach in Libya.

Call Button: Finally, press the call button on your phone or wait for the call to connect if you’re using a landline.

For example, if you were calling a number in Tripoli, the capital of Libya, you would dial it as follows:

  • International dialling code: “00” or “+”
  • Libya country code: “+218”
  • Tripoli area code: “21”
  • Local phone number: XXX XXXX (replace with the actual number)
  • So, if the local number is 123 4567, you would dial: +218 21 123 4567

Shown below are local destinations in Libya and the relevant area codes:

00 218 Al Khums 24
Benghazi 61
Benina 63
Derna 81
Misrata 51
Sirte 54
Sabha 71
Taigura 26
Tobruk 87
Tripoli 21
Zawiya 23
Zuara 25

Remember to consider the time zone difference when making international calls, so you don’t call at inconvenient hours. Additionally, be aware of any international calling rates that may apply, as these can vary depending on your service provider and the specific calling plan you have.

Always double-check the dialling codes and numbers before placing an international call to ensure that you connect successfully with your desired contact in Libya.